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Our large selection of used air-cooled chillers

Surplus Group 100 Used Chillers in Stock

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1.  Who We Buy From

Before we check the equipment we check the sellers.

Most of our business is based on a national network of established contacts whom we have regularly transacted with over the years. We work closely with trusted HVAC contractors, Asset Recovery companies, plant closures and customers with surplus plant equipment.


We know these people, and although there is never complete certainty in any purchase of surplus equipment, we are able to go into a deal with a record of previous business history and personal relationship.


New contacts we obviously check out. We are cautious and demand a great deal of transparency from everyone we transact with.

2. Before We Buy

Looking under the surface of the deal

  • We always try to see the equipment in place and running
  • We examine the service records
  • We check to see ‘who’ did the servicing
  • We make as many pre-purchase mechanical checks as possible
  • We evaluate the environment that the equipment was running in
  • We check out what process it was used for

3. After We Buy

Making something better is best for everyone

  • We move the equipment to our central service facility for a closer look.
  • We run through our 30 point Surplus Sale Certification inspection checklist.
  • If we have made a mistake (and we do sometimes), we scrap it.
  • We repair deficiencies and take as much “used’ out of the equipment as we can.
  • Used equipment doesn’t need to look ‘used’ when you install it in your facility.  We do our best to make sure it doesn’t.

4. When You Buy

A full service experience in a very organized environment.

  • Our spacious, well-lit service facility is located in Dallas Texas, a central transportation hub.  So you will find it easy for inspections and shipping.
  • Our people know their equipment inside and out, so they can give you the technical advice you need to evaluate whether the equipment meets your specific requirements.
  • We have a network of riggers across the country that can assist or advise in the installation of the equipment.
  • We offer shipping advice and have access to excellent shipping rates both national and for export.

Our large selection of used water-cooled chiller

Surplus Group 100 Used Chillers in Stock