Who We Are

Our overhead crane enables us to load and unload new surplus and used chillers safely and gently and shipped internationally to your location.

Our overhead crane enables us to load and unload new surplus and used chillers safely and gently and shipped internationally to your location.

Surplus Group is a Dallas Texas based surplus industrial equipment company that buys throughout North America and sells worldwide. We specialize in new and used surplus chilled water systems employed in the HVAC and industrial process sectors.

Our mission is to provide our customers with an unsurpassed standard of inventory to choose from. We describe it as “Surplus at its best.” We are not brokers; we source our equipment predominately through our Group associates across the country who keep us on top of the latest surplus equipment opportunities.

All equipment then goes to the Surplus Group service facility in Dallas and prepared for entry into our inventory. You can see a live video tour of our facility at any time on our website, or come visit and see us close-up.


The Surplus Group facility holds one of the largest ready-to-go inventories of air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers and cooling towers in North America. The inventory contains a comprehensive selection of equipment types, sizes and brands in every major category of cooling and heating equipment and its related items. See our current inventory »

For any item to be included in the Surplus Group’s inventory it must first undergo the verification of condition process necessary to qualify for Surplus Group Certification. Certification means the equipment has met a standard of mechanical condition and appearance our customers are looking for. And at the price they are looking for.


Our customers are contractors and end-users from a wide array of industries and institutions. Repeat customers are frequent and word-of-mouth is growing our business quickly. A good reputation for reliability and transparency is not easily earned and we are very happy and somewhat relieved that people tend to have that opinion of us. We thank you all.

John East – President
Surplus Group LLC




The Surplus Group Standard.

The Proven Alternative To New

We designed Surplus Group in order to significantly improve the traditional customer experience with the selection and purchase of new and used equipment. Our aim is to verify, in detail, the condition of every item that comes into our select inventory so customers are able to make a clearly informed choice about what they are buying. It is a process of removing the unknowns about the equipment and instituting a consistent standard of quality that minimizes risk. We have also become very efficient at doing this.

The standard we have set is high, in fact many of our customers consider the value Surplus Group surplus equipment offers to be a viable alternative to buying new from the manufacturer. For the used buyers we believe it fulfills a need to define reliability in a marketplace of sometimes questionable inventories and sellers. It is all about “surplus without surprises”.

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