We Export Used Chillers

We export used chillers all over the world. If we have equipment you would like us to export internationally to you, please call Ralph: 972-730-6033Para Español, call Jorge: 214-728-4531.

We have recently exported globally to: Canada, India, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Bangladesh, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Central America, Egypt, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Iraq, Chile, Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, Hawaii, and more locations throughout the world.

Our used chillers are safe, secure and ready-to-go. All of our inventory goes through rigorous testing to ensure your used chiller runs properly when it arrives at your location. See our current inventory »

Global Shipping

Contact Surplus Group for a quote on shipping worldwide!

Overhead Crane

International Exports - Surplus Group

Our overhead crane enables us to load and unload new surplus and used chillers safely and gently and shipped internationally to your location.

Container Loading

Global Exporting - Surplus Group

We take precise measurements to ensure your chiller, cooling tower or boiler is loaded safely, securely and is protected when exported internationally.

International Locations Where We Have Exported

This used chiller was secured to a trailer as a special order for a customer and shipped to Mexico.

These used chillers, which were recently exported to Peru, were custom wrapped and marked by our warehouse staff for overseas shipping.

This used chiller was recently sold and exported to Argentina.

Export to El Salvador

Export to Peru

Export to Ecuador

Export to Canada

Export to Mexico

Export to Egypt

Inspection & Testing

Our test station enables us to test run our used chillers to ensure they are ready to go.

Quality Parts

We export quality parts both globally and domestically.